TRTP (Time Reaction, Target Perception)

Are you looking for a comprehensive tactical shooting course that will help you operate different weapon systems in a combat environment, from atypical shooting positions, in close and medium range? Then, the TRTP (Time Reaction, Target Perception) course is exactly what you need!

tactical training

Course Purpose:

The TRTP course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle various weapon systems in a tactical/combat setting, using unconventional shooting positions. However, to attend this course, candidates must have prior training and/or experience in tactical shooting, and complete Combined Firearms, Tactical Pistol and Tactical Carbine courses. Law enforcement or military personnel are welcome to attend this training.

Weapons & Ammunition:

During the course, you’ll be trained to handle weapons such as GLOCK 19/17/AR15/AK47, and ammunition including 9mm – 350 rds./ 5.56mm – 100rds./ 7.62 – 150rds.

Methods of Teaching:

The TRTP course will be taught using a combination of theoretical and practical exercises. Lectures will be held in the classroom and on the shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Before attending the course, it is necessary to have sturdy/tactical belt gear, safety glasses, ear protection, Glock holster & mag pouch, AR15 pouch, and appropriate clothing for climate and conditions.

Training Program:

The TRTP course is divided into three stages:

TRTP Stage 1:

  • Safety briefings
  • Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship:
  • Refresh


TRTP Stage 2 Pistol/Carbine:

  • Unconventional shooting positions
  • Tactical reload/speed reload
  • Weak hand shooting drills: single-hand manipulations
  • Concealed and open carry/CCF
  • CCS/Concealed and Cover shooting
  • MTE/Multiple target engagement – static and moving
  • Index shoot
  • IFR/Immediate Firing Response


TRTP Stage 3 SWAT:

  • SSE Pistol/Carbine: with time pressure and without
  • TTM/Tactical Transition in Motion
  • TST and TSM engagements
  • Contact drills/Teamwork
  • Use of obstacles and obstructions
  • Iron and Aim Point shooting-Reflex
  • LLSD (low light shooting drills)
  • Shooting under stress/IRS
  • Suppressive Fire Techniques
  • Summary of the Course: De-Briefing & Q&A’s


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors. Sign up now for the TRTP course and take your tactical shooting skills to the next level!