Discover our range of specialized and professional services designed to fulfill your tactical and physical training needs on our website.

Led by Romulus Mihu’s experience, our team provides services globally, with its headquarters based in Luxembourg.

Private and corporate clients can benefit from our customized tactical instruction designed specifically for their individual or group requirements. By providing professional security consulting services, our team guarantees your safety and protection in any given scenario.

Our proficiency and abilities as close protection agents enable us to secure you and your assets in various settings. Furthermore, our services comprise tactical equipment representation, providing you with an opportunity for accessing the latest and most efficient equipments.

tactical training

Services for individuals:

Those seeking improvement in both their physical and strategic skills will find that these services are tailored towards them. Attaining one’s objectives pertaining to either martial arts, fitness, or personal protection is made easier by the availability of various supportive services.

Services for companies/institutions:

For companies and institutions, investing in tactical training services can help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees. From security consulting to corporate fitness training, there are a range of services available to help businesses and organizations improve their overall security and preparedness.