We take great pride in introducing our esteemed regional partners, which are also our regional instructors & representatives, who play a vital role in delivering exceptional training services in their area.


Based in Kenya, Pravir Singh Vohra brings extensive knowledge and expertise to our organization as our valued Africa representative. 
Actually acting as LE/Mil Tactical Firearms Instructor specialising in regular training and more specialized training dedicated to Special Government Units in Africa.
Pravir was involved in target shooting from a young age and achieved remarkable success, winning Kenya’s Junior Championship at the age of 13. In 2021, he became champion in the Marksman category at the esteemed Africa Firearms Awards.
Pravir’s dedication to continuous improvement extends to tactical training, both locally and internationally. 
He holds certifications as a Maritime Security Operative, Close Protection Operative, Certified PMC, and Certified First Responder. Focused on tactical firearms training, Mr. Vohra has a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by both regular and special government units.
Pravir also possesses a wide range of skills and expertise, as he developed his strategic planning, marketing, business management, and property development skills through socially and environmentally impactful investments.
Pravir’s dedication and expertise contribute significantly to our mission of delivering top-quality training programs in Africa.
If you’re located in Africa and looking for solid training or consultation services, here are the contact coordinates: ps*****@ti**************.org

Middle East

Mr. Ahmed Abdulredha Al-Diwan is the Chief Instructor & Representative of Romulus Mihu – Train I Assist I Consult in the Middle East. 

With extensive experience working with international companies and military special units, he brings knowledge and expertise to our training programs.

Mr. Al-Diwan supervises health and safety training programs and first aid courses for First Aid and Medical Training, Occupational Safety Unit at the Al-Kafeel Academy in Iraq. 

He specializes in various areas, including close protection, special forces instruction, helicopter fast roping and rappelling, hand-to-hand and knife fighting, convoy protection, critical facilities engineering, and document and information protection.

Mr. Al-Diwan offers a wide range of training programs, including:

• Close Protection Operator Instructor, 
• Close Quarter Contact Instructor for Special Forces, 
• Helicopter Fast Roping & Rappelling, 
• H2H & H2Knife Fighting Instructor, 
• Convoy Protection, 
• Critical Facilities Engineering, and 
• Document & Information Protection Instructor.

Gain valuable skills and knowledge in health and safety, first aid, and specialized areas with the support of our dedicated and experienced team in the Middle East led by Mr Al-Diwan. 

If you’re in the Middle East and looking for training or consultation services, Mr. Al-Diwan is our main contact for the region. You can reach him at +9647813515235 or via email at ahmedabdulredha753@gmail.com

Pravir Singh Vohra
Pravir Singh Vohra - Africa
Pravir Singh Vohra
Pravir Singh Vohra - Africa
Ahmed Abdulredha Al-Diwan
Ahmed Abdulredha Al-Diwan - Middle East
Ahmed Abdulredha Al-Diwan
Ahmed Abdulredha Al-Diwan - Middle East