Tactical Rappelling Course

Are you looking to enhance your rappelling skills and learn how to work in teams of 2, 4, or 6 in a tactical environment? If so, the “Tactical Rappelling Course” is perfect for you. This course will provide you with the fundamentals of rappelling and fast roping through hands-on training that will build your confidence.

tactical training

Course Purpose: The “Tactical Rappelling Course” aims to teach students the fundamentals of rappelling and fast roping in a tactical environment. Through this course, you will learn essential skills required to work in teams of 2, 4, or 6.

Weapons and Ammunition: The course includes the use of GLOCK 19/17/AR15 weapons and ammunition consisting of FX 9 mm – 300 rds. / 5.56mm – 200rds.

Methods of Teaching: The course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises, with lectures held in the classroom and the Tactical Village.

Skill Pre-requisites: Prior experience in rappelling, firearms, Small Units Tactics, or CQB is recommended but not mandatory.

GEAR: To participate in the course, students must have sturdy/tactical belts, tactical or combat clothing and footwear, a ballistic plate carrier or vest with pouches for AR15 magazines, a helmet or tactical hat, eye protection (shooting goggles), active ear protection, tactical/rappelling gloves, and knee pads. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions is also necessary.

Training Program:

Day 1:

  • Registration
  • Introduction and course overview, including a safety lecture
  • Knots and Rope Management overview
  • Belaying Techniques
  • Applications and Limitations of Tactical Rappelling
  • Variety of Tactical Rappelling Techniques and Skills

Day 2:

  • Rope Deployment (Rope Bags)
  • Introduction to Window Entries
  • 2, 3, 4 Man Entries
  • Weapons Management on Rappel
  • Simmunition Drills

Day 3:

  • Fast Roping and 2, 4, 6, 8 Man Urban Progression
  • Practical Evaluation Graduation

Enrollment in the “Tactical Rappelling Course” is open to law enforcement and military personnel, and they will receive a 15% discount on tuition. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your rappelling skills and learn how to work in teams in a tactical environment.