Shooting Fundamentals & Basic CQB Course

Is it of interest to you to acquire knowledge on handling combined weapon systems in a dynamic and tactical atmosphere? The skills required for using semiautomatic pistols and rifles like Glock 17/19s and AR15s or AK47s are taught in the Shooting Fundamentals and CQB Course. The basics will be covered first and your skills and confidence in handling weapons will be developed in this course. You shall possess the capability to execute the rudimentary techniques that can elevate your self-confidence while handling the AR15/AK47/Glock platform upon the conclusion of this training.

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Course Purpose:

Through our 4-day Shooting Fundamentals & CQB Course program, we teach students how to operate combined weapons systems in a dynamic/tactical environment. This course endeavors to develop your shooter abilities and increase your confidence in manipulating firearms without risk. Through dry and live-fire drills, you will practice the six Shooting Fundamentals over three days. Basic CQB drills will be trained to you on the last day.

Weapons and Ammunition:

Weapons: Glock 19/17, AR15, and AK47

The ammunition available includes 350 rounds of 9 mm along with 150 rounds of 5.56 mm and 25 rounds of 7.62.

Training Program:

The Shooting Fundamentals & CQB Course will incorporate both theoretical and practical exercises in its teaching methodology. On the shooting range is where the lectures will occur. Although prior experience with firearms is not necessary, it is mandatory to have sturdy and tactical belts as well as tactical or combat clothing and footwear. Additionally, you must own ballistic plate carriers or vests that have pouches for AR15/AK47 magazines. You should also have a helmet or tactical hat in addition to shooting goggles and active ear protection. Knee pads and tactical gloves are optional.

The training program will cover the following topics:

Day 1

  • Firearms Safety Rules
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Features of Glock/AR15/AK47
  • Afternoon Dry Drills – Glock/AR15/AK47
  • Gear placement
  • Dry Fundamentals of shooting
  • Dry shooting positions
  • Dry Manipulation – TAC/SPEED Reload
  • Dry Manipulation – Malfunctions
  • Dry Manipulation – Multiple targets
  • Dry Manipulation – Shooting on the move
  • Glock 19/17 Semiautomatic Pistol Live Fire practice on

Day 2

  • Characteristics of the semiautomatic pistol (Glock 19/17)
  • Fundamentals of shooting with semiautomatic pistols
  • Shooting positions
  • TAC/SPEED Reload
  • Malfunctions
  • Reloads and malfunctions
  • Multiple shots/Multiple targets
  • Multiple targets/Iron reflex shooting
  • Tactical transition in motion
  • During the live fire exercises on the third day of the course, you will gain experience handling both semiautomatic pistols and carbines (AR15/AK47).
  • Basic Drills for Tactical Handling – Pistol & Carbine
  • Basic Barricade Drills – Pistol & Carbine
  • Basic Transitions Drills – Pistol & Carbine
  • Dry and live fire CQB drills for both a semiautomatic pistol and carbine (AR15/AK47) will be practiced on the fourth day.
  • Class Room – Basic CQB Presentation
  • Room Entrance Basic Training for 2 to 4 Individuals with Pistol and Carbine
  • A 2 to 4-Person Team can dominate Room Points with Pistol & Carbine
  • Certification


The Shooting Fundamentals & CQB Course provides a great chance to acquire the skills for handling various weapon systems in a dynamic/tactical environment. You will gain skills and confidence in handling firearms through this course. Utilize the fundamentals to increase your confidence when working with the AR15/AK47/Glock platform. The course implements both theoretical and practical exercises.