Precision Marksman Course

The aim of the course is to develop/improve the skill of medium/long range shooting, also to understand and practice the range estimation and target detection.

Nr. of students: minim 4, maxim 6

Place of training:

80 km from Luxembourg, close to Verdun.

Price of the course:

2500 euro all included.

Different .308 Winchester platforms.


700 rounds/student

This course is an intensive combined program consisting of lectures, practical range drills, and a range final exam.

Applicants need to present valid criminal record check.

Skill Prerequisites:

Required gear:
Tactical/Outdoor uniform, Tactical/Outdoor boots, backpack, mosquito repellent water tanks/camelbak.

* Rifles familiarization
* Scope familiarization
* Medium/long range fundamentals
* Grouping and zeroing
* Supported and unsupported firing position
* Effective rifle manipulation
* Single and multiple target engagements
* Range estimation & target detection
* External ballistics and wind effects

For more info and reservations, please send an email at or direct inquires on contact section.