Low light / No light basic CQB course

Is it your goal to improve your tactical abilities for low light conditions and dominate in a close quarters battle? Excelling in these situations is possible for you with the necessary knowledge and skills from our comprehensive course.

tactical training

Course Purpose:

Our course focuses on educating you about the importance of operating in low light situations and dominating in a CQB scenario whether there is light or not. Using WML or hand-held lights, we will educate you on various shooting techniques to prepare you for any situation.

Weapons and Ammunition:

In order to train you in using a pistol 9 mm/AR15/AK47, we’ll provide you with 400 RDS, and you can choose from either getting a total of 300 rounds or just the 9 mm ammunition. Two options for ammunition: either a size of 5.56 mm or one of 7.62

Methods of Teaching:

Our course has been created with a combination of theoretical and practical exercises so attendance of both classroom lectures and shooting range sessions is requisite for mastering all necessary techniques.

Skill Pre-requisites:

This course requires candidates to possess prior experience with firearms safety rollers and besides that it’s essential to have understanding of Advance CFC and Dynamic Pistol/Carbine alongside BUT CAB. Being prepared is key when taking on any challenge, therefore having the right equipment can make all the difference. Moreover, a sturdy/tactical belt paired with tactical or combat clothing and footwear will set you up nicely, however don’t forget about protection too! Ballistic plate carriers/vests with specific pouches made for AR15/AK47 magazines are an absolute must-have along with helmets/ tactical hats, gloves, and knee pads. Ensure you have clear lens eye protection and active ear protection with you at all times, and pack in addition green or blue chem lights/glow sticks along with two handheld flashlights that must be fully charged or battery-powered. It is optional but recommended bringing a weapon-mounted flashlight plus an extra set of batteries for the headlamp.

Training Program:

Day 1:

  • Firearms Safety & Marksmanship Fundamentals Presentation
  • Dry Drills—pistol & AR15/AKM
  • Team Basic Live Fire Exercises—pistol & AR15/AKM
  • Live firing practices that utilize pistols and AKM/AR15 rifles are available to be performed by teams comprised of two individuals.

Day 2:

  • Using the handheld light and WML
  • Weapon mounted light techniques activating, deactivating
  • Drawing and activating white light
  • White light tactics (light works in both directions)
  • In the evening, CQB presentation

Day 3:

  • CQB refresher—2-Man Team
  • Target approach tactics in low light/no light
  • Basic passing doors—2-Man Team
  • Basic Clearing rooms/buildings in Low Light
  • Basic Clearing rooms/buildings in No Light
  • Target recognized & engage


Act quickly and acquire these important tactical skills by enrolling in our course today and be prepared for any low light or CQB scenario.