Intro to BAS Combat System

In today’s world, hostile situations such as terrorism, riots, and extremism are on the rise. It is crucial to be prepared and equipped with the right mindset and skills to protect oneself and others in such situations. This is where the BAS Combat System comes in, developed by Dr. Andrzej Bryl based on his extensive military experience.

tactical training

Course Purpose:

The BAS Combat System course is designed to teach students how to operate under stress and in hostile situations. With a focus on psychological and mental preparation, the course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to neutralize opponents as quickly as possible. The course includes 90% practical training time to prepare students to handle the most challenging, hostile situations.

Weapons and Ammunition:

Students will be trained using GLOCK 19/17 and 9 mm ammunition (250 rounds) or simunition rounds (100). The course is taught using hard practical exercises, and morning exercises will be included to ensure students are physically and mentally prepared.

Skill Pre-requisites and Gear:

Candidates are required to have basic weapon handling skills and martial arts knowledge. They should also come equipped with tactical or combat clothing and footwear, ballistic plate carriers or vests, eye protection, active ear protection, tactical gloves, knee pads, and appropriate sports clothing for gym, mouth and groin protection, and MMA gloves.

Training Program:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to BAS System elements
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat
  • Firearms drills

Day 2:

  • Self-defense scenarios
  • Use of knives in conjunction with a weapon
  • Active shooter drills

Day 3:

  • Force-on-force drills
  • Different hostile scenarios
  • Defensive and retention shooting
  • Certification


The BAS Combat System is the leading element of the training program used at the European Security Academy. After successful international demonstrations in countries such as the US, the Republic of South Africa, and Russia, BAS 3 has become a methodological and training basis for personal protection teams. With the BAS Combat System course, you will gain the skills and mindset needed to protect yourself and those around you in hostile situations.