Intro Dynamic Shotgun Operator Course

Is becoming a skilled shotgun operator something that interests you? Enhance your ability to operate a 12 gauge shotgun by taking the Intro Dynamic Shotgun Operator Course —an excellent choice!

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Course Purposes:

In order to be proficient at using a 12 gauge shotgun in various dynamic scenarios including close and medium ranges, one must take this training program. The perfect fit would be someone who has had previous experiences with dynamic shooting while also having knowledge about weapon safety.

Weapons & Ammunition:

This course provides students with hands-on experience shooting a 12-guage shotgun using up to approximately one hundred and fifty bullets.

Methods of teaching:

Theoretical and practical exercises are combined in the Intro Dynamic Shotgun Operator Course with direct conduct of practicals at the shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Previous experience not required.

Gear: Appropriate clothing according to the climate and surrounding along with a sturdy/tactical belt is required for attending this course. Furthermore, bringing your own safety glasses alongside ear protection together with body armor and mag pouches is a must.

Training Program:

  • Safety Briefings/Safety Rules
  • Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship: Refresh
  • Firearms Design and Mechanics
  • Gear Preparation (holster, mag pouches, etc.)
  • Fundamentals of Carbine Shooting
  • Types of Shotgun Loading
  • Tactical Reload/Speed Reload
  • Double Taps/Mozambique
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Shooting with Use of Cover
  • Stress Shooting

Summary of the Course: Debriefing & Q&A’s

Law enforcement or military personnel attending the course with no proof of previous training can receive a 15% discount from Romulus Mihu.

Don’t let this chance slip away from you to attain expertise in using a shotgun. Enhance your shooting skills by signing up for the Intro Dynamic Shotgun Operator Course today and experiencing a dynamic environment.