Intro Dynamic Pistol Course

A pistol shooting course is an investment that provides vital skills and knowledge necessary for personal defense purposes and also applicable to individuals serving in law enforcement or the military. The basic principles of manipulating a semi-automatic pistol are covered in great detail by our comprehensive program which involves shooting from common stances and distances. By emphasizing both theoretical and practical exercises students can develop their skills and confidence in pistol handling. Whether one is a beginner or an accomplished shooter looking for ways to enhance his/her capabilities and meet his/her targets this training could be beneficial.

tactical training

Course Purposes:

This training program is designed to help participants acquire necessary skills in using semi-automatic pistols by emphasizing on fundamentals like shooting from common positions and at medium ranges.

Previous knowledge or skills on pistol shooting is unnecessary for beginners who want to enroll in this course.

Weapons & Ammunition:

Using GLOCK 19/17 pistols and equipped with 150 rounds of 9 mm ammunition are the students. If the pistol and holster belong to a student, then it must be 9 mm caliber.

Methods of teaching:

All theoretical and practical exercises that make up this course will occur exclusively on the shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Previous experience not required.

Gear: To participate in the activity, students should have their own sturdy or tactical belt along with ear protection and safety glasses. Also, appropriate clothing for weather conditions is required. Their personal Glock holster and mag pouches allow students to bring them.

Law Enforcement or Military professionals can receive a 15% discount without having to provide evidence of their previous training.

Training Program:

  • Weapons Safety Rules / Range Safety Rules
  • Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship
  • Firearms design and mechanics
  • Sight alignment & Sight picture
  • Type of pistol grips
  • Reset triggers
  • Drawing from holster
  • Tactical reload/speed reload
  • Precision shooting / single shot & control paired
  • Apart from the course content itself, students will get a lunch sandwich as well as coffee & water.