tactical medicine

This course is offered by ESA Benelux in collaboration with Option Bravo Belgium.

Date & Duration:
/// (3 Days)

Price: /// euro

Course Purpose:
The course is designed to train & prepare the students to effectively perform self-aid and tactical casualty care in a hostile/combat environment while staying in the fight.

The 3 days intensive course is divided in three parts:
 – Day 1 working around individual skills while using the pistol.
– Day 2 carbine use starting with individual skills advancing to casualty care, individual and small team based.
 – Day 3 working from and around vehicles, extracting casualties and scenario’s in Mogadishu.

This course requires earlier training and/or experience in tactical shooting.
No previous medical training required.
This course is fast paced with 90% practical training time to prepare students to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations. Please read below what we are going to cover in this course.

Weapons & Ammunition:
AMMUNITION: 200 rounds of 9mm / 200 rounds of 5,56mm. / 200 rounds of 7.62

Methods of teaching:
This Course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The lectures will be conducted in classroom and on the shooting range. The Course will be given on the ESA Training Center with the use of ESA equipment.

Skill Pre-requisites:
The candidate must to possess prior experience with the Firearms or CFC, Tactical/Carbine Course.
GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt, tactical or combat clothing and footwear (UF PRO, 5.11, Blackhawk, Helikon…), ballistic plate carrier or vest with pouches for AR15/AK47 magazines, eye protection (shooting goggles), active ear protection, tactical gloves and knee pads. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

tactical medicine

Training Program:

  • Intro to Tactical Medicine
  • CUF: Care Under Fire
  • IFAK (Individual Frst Aid Kit) content
  • Mechanisms of Injuries
  • Presentation about extreme bleeding, tension pneumothorax, upper airway obstruction and hypothermia
  • Applying tourniquets (TQ) self-aid and buddy aid
  • Explaining the MARCH protocol
  • Practical use of the IFAK content:
  1. stopping massive haemorhages
  2. woundpacking
  3. airway obstruction and the use of an NPA device
  4. sucking chestwounds
  5. preventing hypothermia
  6. use of MIST card
  • Tactical Rescue Webbing
    • Patient EVAC
    • Vehicle Extraction
    • Injured shooter pistol: applying self-aid while staying in the fight; techniques to work around injuries:

Intro to individual tactical casualty care with weapons:

  • Injured shooter carbine: applying self-aid while staying in the fight, techniques to work around injuries, 
  • 1 hand shooting, 1 hand reloading, 1 hand clearing stoppages.
  • Individual and small team based casualty care, Care Under Fire, different medevac techniques.
  • VCQB drills: working inside and around vehicles while taking care of a patient, patient extraction drills.
  • How to open vehicles and different tools.
  • Hostile environment/tactical lifesaver scenarios in Mogadishu scenario’s using FX ammo.

For more info and reservations, please send an email at or direct inquires on website.

The Law Enforcement or Military personnel can attend to this training with no proof of previous
training and they have 15% discount.