H.E.A.T – Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Are you prepared to handle risk-associated and emergency/critical situations in hostile environments? If not, the H.E.A.T. – Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is the perfect solution for you. This intensive 7-day course is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively deal with multiple threats, while also rehearsing and practicing safety and security procedures according to the threats’ typology.

tactical training

Course Purpose:

The H.E.A.T – Hostile Environment Awareness Training focuses on operational procedures and practice, with ample use of specific case study material, outdoor activities, and field experiences of both lectures and participants. The course aims to improve participants’ awareness of multiple threats and their understanding of the best behavioral requirements when working alone or as part of a team field operation, irrespective of their professional background.

Weapons and Ammunition:
Participants will be trained using GLOCK 19/17/AR15/AK47 firearms and the following ammunition: 9mm – 200 rds. / 5.56mm – 100rds. / 7.62 – 100rds.

Training Program:
The course will be taught through theoretical and practical exercises, with lectures conducted in the classroom and on the shooting range. Skill prerequisites include basic experience with firearms and appropriate gear such as sturdy/tactical belt, tactical or combat clothing and footwear, tactical hat, eye protection, active ear protection, tactical gloves, knee pads, and clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

The course content is structured into 5 modules:

Module 1 – Personnel Deployed in Hostile Environment – 2 Days
• Understanding how to build individual Situational Awareness in High-Risk Environment
• Personal Safety & Security / Safety and Security mindset
• Risk Assessment / Risk Mitigation
• Intelligence Gathering Techniques – Open Source
• Target Indications / What to Look For – Danger Cues
• Situation Awareness – Red Flags – Combat indicators
• Decision Making

Module 2 – Situational Training Exercise (STX) – 1 Day
• Behavior Under Fire / Fire Safety
• Shooting Training (Glock 19/19, AR15, AK47)
• Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Improvised Explosive Devices IED Awareness
• Actions to take in Many Threat Situations
• Other Types of Threats in the Field

Module 3 – Orientation, Communication & 4-Wheel Drive – 1 Day
• Compass & Topographic Maps
• Map Navigation & Navigation using mobile devices
• Non-Verbal Communications and Reading People’s Intent
• Basic Negotiations Skills
• Communication Equipment / Use of Signals: light, morse.

Module 4 – Field Training Exercises (FTX) – 2 Days
• Introduction to SERE
• Interviews & Questions
•Basic Survival Skills
• Camouflage/ Stealth – Safe Camps
• Anti-Kidnapping – escape from illegal restraints
• Close Combat

Module 5 – Medical Training / Health Maintenance on Mission – 1 Day
• First Aid – Immediate Casualty Care, Under Extreme Circumstances
• Basic notions about TCCC & MIRA

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Enroll in the H.E.A.T – Hostile Environment Awareness Training today and be prepared to handle any situation in a hostile environment.