Dynamic Pistol Operator Course – Clearing Malfunctions & Basic CPO Shooting Technics

Is there a course you’re looking for that teaches the operation and malfunction clearing of semi-automatic pistols in dynamic situations? Looking for a course to improve your skills as a Dynamic Pistol Operator / Clearing Malfunctions & Basic CPO Shooting Technics? This is the one! This course teaches students how to operate a pistol effectively by demonstrating proper techniques for clearing malfunctions and shooting from both typical and atypical positions across various ranges.

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Course Purpose:

Students will acquire the necessary skills to operate a semi-automatic pistol and clear malfunctions in dynamic environments through this course and to attend this course which demands prior training and experience in dynamic shooting, candidates should complete Combined Firearms or Dynamic Pistol & Dynamic Carbine.

Methods of Teaching:

To teach the Dynamic Pistol Operator / Clearing Malfunctions & Basic CPO Shooting Technics Course, theoretical and practical exercises are conducted in the shooting range.

Skill Prerequisites:

The essential gear needed to complete the course includes a robust/tactical belt in addition to eye and ear protection plus clothes suitable for the weather.

Summary of the Course:

A debriefing and Q&A session mark the end of this course; however, the absence of requirements for proof of previous training makes it possible for individuals from law enforcement or military backgrounds to avail themselves of the 15% discount when enrolling in this course.

Training Program:

Day 1

  • Briefing Safety rules
  • Fundamentals of Pistol Manipulation and Marksmanship: Re-fresh
  • Firearms design and mechanics
  • Gear preparation (holster, mag pouches etc.)
  • Grip & Trigger Control
  • Tactical Change & Speed/Emergency Reloads
  • Clearing all types of malfunctions

Day 2

  • Basic CPO Shooting Technics
  • Basic CPO Shooting Drills
  • Summary of the Course: Debriefing & Q&A’s


Enhancing one’s ability to operate a semiautomatic pistol in dynamic environments is made possible through enrollment in the Dynamic Pistol Operator / Clearing Malfunctions & Basic CPO Shooting Technics Course and clearing malfunctions and operating a pistol from typical and atypical shooting positions can be learned with ease by taking this course whether you are a law enforcement officer or military personnel or someone who wants to enhance their firearm skills. With the help of practical exercises and expert guidance offered in this course you can improve your shooting abilities.