Dynamic Pistol Operator COURSE – Level 4

For individuals seeking improvement in their tactical shooting expertise we recommend our Extreme Close Quarter Contact Course. Individuals with prior tactical shooting knowledge will benefit from taking this course, which offers extensive coverage on various types of shootings like typical or atypical positions within short to mid-range distances, while highlighting the significance of Extreme Close Quarter Contact.

tactical training

Course Purposes:

In order to prepare students for tactical and combat settings involving a semiautomatic pistol operation, we have developed this specialized course. The course emphasizes Extreme Close Quarter Contact through various theoretical and practical exercises. For individuals who already have a background in tactical shooting and have finished Dynamic Pistol Operator -Level 2, Level3, or equivalent classes, this would be perfect.

Weapons & Ammunition:

To ensure compliance with regulations, we suggest that students bring their own Glock 19/17 pistol and holster which should be in the caliber of 9 mm. You need 300 rounds of 9 mm ammunition for the course.

Methods of teaching:

Practical and theoretical exercises make up our course, which is done on the shooting range. The curriculum for the students includes learning safety rules alongside weapon manipulation and marksmanship together with firearm mechanics.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Bringing a sturdy/tactical belt along with safety glasses and ear protection is mandatory for students. Bringing their personal Glock holster along with the magazine pouch is acceptable. Certain drills may require a jacket. Proper attire according to the climate and conditions is necessary.

Training Program:

The scope of our training program extends beyond basic level courses since it covers a vast array of subject relating specifically towards weapons mastery including but not limited to: Weapons Safety Regulations & Handling Principles/Fundamentals (to include Marksmanship), Firearms Design & Mechanics (including Gear Preparation), Index Shooting Techniques and Immediate Firing Response Tactics as well as Extreme Close Quarter Contact and Pistol Drills conducted with or without timed pressure.

Summary of the Course:

Individuals with tactical shooting experience can refine their abilities by taking our Extreme Close Quarter Contact course. The curriculum covers instruction on how to use a semiautomatic pistol during extreme close quarter contact encounters within tactical or combat settings. Bringing your own Glock 19/17 and ammunition is required for this course that uses both theoretical and practical exercises. The individuals who qualify for this program are those who have successfully completed either Dynamic Pistol Operator -Level 2 or -Level three programs.