Dynamic Pistol Operator COURSE – Level 3

Date & Duration:
05 December 2020 (1 Day)

Location: Luxembourg Area

Price: 350 euro with all included:
– Ammo
– Pistol + holster & mag pouch
– Lunch sandwich + coffee & water

Course Purpose:
The course is designed to teach our students how to operate with a semiautomatic pistol, in a tactical/combat environment, from typical and atypical shooting position, in close and medium range, working mainly in Extreme Close Quarter Contact.
This Course requires earlier training and/or experience in tactical shooting. Candidate should complete Dynamic Pistol Operator – Level 1, Level 2 or similar course prior attending this course.

The Law Enforcement or Military personnel can attend to this training with no proof of previous training and they have 15% discount.

Weapons & Ammunition:
WEAPONS: GLOCK 19/17 – (student can bring your own weapon + holster, but pistol must be in 9mm)
AMMUNITION: 9mm – 500 rds.

Methods of teaching:
This Course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The lectures and the practical exercises will be conducted on the shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites:
GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt. Bring your own safety glass & ear protection, and if you have, your own Glock holster & mags pouch. For some drills we need a jacket. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

Training Program:

  • Weapons Safety Rules / Range Safety Rules
  • Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship: Re-fresh
  • Concealed and open carry / CCF
  • Use of obstacle and obstruction)
  • Shooting under stress / IRS
  • Suppressive Fire Techniques
  • Summary of the Course: De-Briefing & Q&A’s

For more info and reservations, please send an email at info@weaponscourses.com or direct inquires on www.weaponscourses.com website.