Dynamic Pistol Operator Course – Level 3

Enroll in this course and enhance your tactical shooting abilities. The Dynamic Pistol Operator course level 3 is created to assist individuals in operating a semiautomatic pistol within the tactical/combat setting at close to medium range and primarily focusing on Extreme Close Quarter Contact scenarios. You’ll receive comprehensive training on operating from typical or atypical shooting positions while using various types of cover such as obstacles or obstructions. The course includes instructions on concealed or open carry techniques, plus suppressive fire strategies. Civilians along with Military and Law Enforcement Personnel who took classes like Dynamic Pistol Operator-Level1/Level2 can take advantage of this training.

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Course Purposes:

Our students will gain expertise in handling a semiautomatic pistol within tactical/combat environments through this course. We cover shooting techniques for both typical and atypical positions in close and medium ranges with an emphasis on Extreme Close Quarter Contact.

Weapons & Ammunition:

While using GLOCK 19/17 pistols throughout the duration of the course is compulsory, students have the option to carry personal firearms and holsters on condition that it uses a caliber of only 9 millimeters. 250 rounds of 9 mm ammunition should be brought by you.

Methods of teaching:

Both theory and practice will be utilized in teaching the course. Both theoretical instruction and practical drills are scheduled to occur on the firing range.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Don’t leave home without packing your sturdy/tactical belt plus safety glasses and ear protection for the activity. You can bring your personal Glock holster and mag pouch with you. Certain drills require a jacket. Be certain to dress suitably for the weather and situation.

Training Program:

Weapons Safety Rules / Range Safety Rules

Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship: Re-fresh

Firearms design and mechanics

Gear preparation (holster, mag pouches, etc.)

Concealed and open carry / CCF

Use of obstacles and obstructions

Shooting under stress / IRS

Suppressive Fire Techniques

Summary of the Course:

After finishing the course, there is going to be a discussion time along with questions and answers. Enroll into the Advanced Tactical Pistol Operator course if you want to gain expertise on operating with a semiautomatic pistol in a tactical/combat environment using advanced techniques and strategies. Join now and elevate your tactical shooting proficiency. Military and law enforcement personnel can receive a discount of 15%.