Dynamic Pistol Operator Course – Level 2

Is improving your skills in pistol shooting something that interests you? Our comprehensive course provides a distinct chance to acquire knowledge about the fundamental principles of semiautomatic pistol manipulation from common and moderate distances.

You can acquire confidence and skill in handling pistols through both theoretical and practical exercises. Tailored for individuals at any level of experience with firearms—this class ensures that your specific needs and ambitions are met.

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Course Purposes:

With our course designed specifically for this purpose—teaching individuals how to use semi-automatic pistols securely while also being able to do so efficiently. In this course you’ll acquire knowledge on basic pistol handling techniques including accuracy control while also getting familiar with firearm designs & engineering. The topics covered in the course will include drills for weak hand shooting and unconventional shooting positions as well as techniques for shooting with cover and engaging multiple targets.

Weapons & Ammunition:

Our students can either use our GLOCK 19/17 pistols or bring their own weapon and holster (in 9 mm). The course mandates the use of 250 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

Methods of Teaching:

The combination of theoretical and practical exercises are utilized in our shooting course conducted on the range. By designing the lectures and practical exercises appropriately for each student’s needs helps them achieve a deeper understanding of the material while also improving their skills and abilities.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Prior experience with pistol shooting is necessary to enroll in this course. In order to maintain a safe environment throughout classroom activities or experiments, it is best if every student brings their personal tactical/sturdy belt along with necessary protective gear like safety glasses and ear plugs. Students must also consider dressing suitably according to prevailing climatic situations.

Training Program:

Weapons Safety Rules / Range Safety Rules

Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship

Firearms design and mechanics

Gear preparation (holster, mag pouches, etc.)

Weak hand shooting drills: single hand manipulations

Unconventional shooting positions

Shooting with use of cover

Multiple target engagement – static and moving

Summary of the Course: Debriefing & Q&A’s

To guarantee an effective learning experience, we also offer French pâtisserie along with coffee and water during the course.

Enhance your pistol shooting skills and knowledge by not missing this opportunity. Joining our course today is the first step towards achieving your aspirations, so register now!