This specialized training program focuses on teaching individuals how they can operate proficiently under limited lighting conditions whilst also dominating any given close-quarters combat scenario. In the training program, students are going to acquire knowledge of different shooting techniques that involve either WML or hand-held lights The significance of never being without a flashlight will be comprehended by students upon finishing this course.

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Course Purposes:

This course intends to teach students how to dominate a CQB scenario under low light circumstances. The class will go over a range of shooting techniques using WML or handheld lights.

Weapons & Ammunition:

AMMUNITION: 9mm – 600 rds.

Methods of teaching:

In teaching the course, both theoretical and practical exercises will be utilized. The venue for conducting lectures has been set to include both the classroom and shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Having prior experience with firearms and CFC is mandatory to enroll in this course about Dynamic Pistol. The appropriate gear consisting of strong/tough belts plus Combat Clothing & Footwear is compulsory when applying for this position. Alongside these items you will require Ballistic Plate Carrier/Vest, Helmet/Tactical Hat, Tactile Gloves, Knee Pads. h. Though not obligatory, a gun mounted torch could prove useful whilst spare batteries/headstocks remain vital.

Training Program:

The training program covers different aspects related to firearm handling, starting from basics such as firearms safety up until advanced tactical maneuvers like clearing rooms effectively within a two-man-team under low-light conditions. The course includes multiple activities, ranging from attending presentations on marksmanship fundamentals to dry drills with pistols and AR15/AKM.

Participants are also required to take part in team basic live fire exercises as well as 2-man team live fire exercises while utilizing hand-held light and WML. Moreover, they will be taught how to draw and activate white light along with white light tactics (light works in both directions).

Completion of the course enables students to master operating in a low-light environment while dominating a CQB situation. With their awareness of diverse shooting techniques using either WMLs or handheld lights at their disposal means that they’ll always have access to a flashlight.