Performance Pistol & Carbine Course

Elevate your tactical prowess with our Dynamic Firearms Training Course! Master AR15 and Glock 17/19 in dynamic environments. Boost your reaction time, precision, and confidence. Exclusive discounts for those bringing their own gear. Enroll now for the ultimate tactical experience!

Performance Pistol & Carbine Course

Course Purpose: 

The course is designed to teach our students how to operate combined weapons systems, in a dynamic environment, such as AR15 and Glock 17/19. 

The training will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence while working with AR15/Glock platform. 

In addition, all students will go through tactical shooting drills applicable in High-Risk environment.

Weapons and Ammunition:


AMMUNITION: 9mm – 400 rds / 5.56 or 7.62 – 400 rds

Methods of teaching: 

This Course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises in shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites: 

The candidate must have finished Combine Firearms Course, Dynamic Pistol or CQB Course.

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt, tactical or combat clothing and footwear (UF PRO, 5.11, Blackhawk, Helikon…), students must have their own eye protection (shooting goggles), active ear protection, tactical gloves and knee pads. 

Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.


Training Program:

Day 1 – GLOCK

  • Safety rules
  • Characteristics of the Glock/AR15
  • Gear placement
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • TAC/SPEED Reload / Malfunctions
  • Multiple targets / Shooting with use of cover
  • Tactical Transition in Motion
  • Shooting under stress/IRS


Day 2 – Advanced Dynamic Drills

  • Tactical Transition in Motion (TTM)
  • 2 Man Team Shooting
  • PMC Shooting Techniques & Tactics
  • Small Units Tactics Shooting
  • TAC/SPEED Reload
  • Reloads and Malfunctions


The Law Enforcement or Military personnel can attend to this training with no proof of previous training and they have 20% discount.