Dynamic Combined Firearms – Fundamentals Course

Do you want to enhance your abilities in operating combined weapons systems like AR15 and Glock 17/19? Our aim with the Dynamic Combined Firearms Fundamentals Course is precisely that. By taking our course on operating these weapons in a dynamic environment you can improve yourself. You will be able to shoot faster and more precisely with reduced reaction times which will increase your confidence level as well.

tactical training

Course Purposes:

Taking our course will help you acquire skills on handling combined weapon systems such as the AR15 and Glock 17/19 under varying circumstances. With the use of these platforms in practice sessions one can develop their shooting speed accuracy along with increased self-assurance.

Weapons & Ammunition:

Our course encompasses multiple types of guns like the Glock 19/17 and AR15/AK47. Your armory consists primarily two kinds of bullets to choose from: one being nine mm which has an abundance supply compared to its counterpart i.e., five-five-six.

Methods of teaching:

A blend of theoretical and practical exercises is utilized in our course. The course covers topics related to basic marksmanship skills including firing stance variations. You will also receive instruction on how to conduct a TAC/SPEED reload and address weapon failures. At the shooting range is where you’ll attend your lectures.

Skill Pre-requisites:

Bringing your own robust or tactical belt is necessary for taking this course along with safety glasses and ear protection. In case you have a Glock holster and 3 magazine pouches that belong to you already then they can be brought as well. Dressing according to the climate and conditions is advisable as well. Certain drills mandate the use of a jacket.

Training Program:

Day 1 Glock – 18 June (09:30 – 16:30)

  • Safety
  • Features of the Glock
  • Gear placement
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • TAC/SPEED reload
  • Malfunctions
  • Multiple shots
  • Multiple targets
  • Shooting on the move

Day 2 AR15/AKM – 18 June (09:30 – 16:30)

  • Features of the AK47/M4
  • Maintenance of the AK47/M4
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • TAC/SPEED reload
  • Malfunctions
  • Reloads and malfunctions
  • Multiple shots / Multiple targets
  • Multiple targets / Iron reflex shooting
  • Tactical transition in motion
  • Certification

The conclusion of this training program would grant you a certification in utilizing mixed arms weaponry. Additionally, your marksmanship abilities would increase alongside proficiency regarding reloading procedures whilst tackling equipment failures.

Join our Dynamic Combined Firearms Fundamentals Course today and enhance your skills!