Fundamentals of Dynamic Pistol

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Enroll now and master shooting a semiautomatic pistol in dynamic environments with the help of our Fundamentals of Dynamic Pistol Operator Course.


The Fundamentals of Dynamic Pistol Operator Course by [Company Name] welcomes you to acquire the essential skills required for operating a semi-automatic pistol in dynamic surroundings. Learn about fundamental weapon manipulation and marksmanship in this comprehensive 1-day training program. Tactical shooting principles are also covered along with instruction on executing tactical reloads double taps and Mozambique drills.

Course Purposes:

In the dynamic pistol operator training session, we provide instruction that teaches learners how to operate a semi-automatic firearm proficiently within an active area by using conventional firing postures and targeting objects located at moderate ranges. No matter your experience level with dynamic shooting techniques and training beforehandā€”this course will be a great option for anyone interested! Law enforcement and military personnel are invited to attend this training.

Weapons & Ammunition:

GLOCK 19/17 pistols along with a quantity of at least two hundred fifty pieces of nine millimeter ammo are necessary for completing this course.

Methods of Teaching:

In order to teach effectively, our instructors utilize a blend of theoretical and practical exercises. Conducting lectures on the shooting range.

Skill Pre-requisites:

You must bring your own durable/tactical belt and either safety glasses or ear protection to join this course. We request those who possess their own GLOCK holster and mag pouches to kindly carry them when coming. To ensure your comfort during certain drills, please dress accordingly with appropriate jackets.

Training Program:

You can expect to cover these areas in the Fundamentals of Dynamic Pistol Operator Course:

Safety Briefings & Rules:

Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship: Refresh

Firearms Design and Mechanics

Gear Preparation (Holster, Mag Pouches, etc.)

Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

Tactical Shooting Principles

Tactical Reload/Speed Reload


Double Taps/Mozambique

Duration and Location:

In the Luxembourg Area there will be a 1-day training program. During the course, we will offer coffee and water. Ammo for the firearm of choice along with its corresponding holster and mag pouches need to be brought by yourself.

Gain important knowledge and practical skills for operating a semi-automatic pistol effectively in dynamic surroundings by taking up the Fundamentals of Dynamic Pistol Operator course. We appreciate your decision to select Romulus Mihu.

For more info and reservations, please contact us.