Concealed Carry Pistol Course

Concealed Carry Pistol

Date and Duration:

27 – 29 October 2023 (3 Days)

Price: 1300 euro

Location: E.S.A. Training Center Poland

Course Purpose:

The students will learn in this course about all the aspects of carrying concealed their firearms.

The students will learn about the types of concealed carry, how to setup their concealed carry, how to draw the firearms from a concealed position, like appendix or side carry.

 Safe gun handling skills with a solid understanding of the fundamentals, because this is not a course for pistol shooting beginners. It is recommended each student has taken, or takes prior to Concealed Carry Pistol Course, an RDS Pistol Operator, Tactical or Dynamic Pistol course from ESA Benelux or

Topics Covered:

  • Pistol Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Tips on gear
  • Draw and presentation
  • Modes of Practice: Speed
    mode/Accuracy Mode/Real Mode
  • How to conceal carry
  • Pistol loads and reloads
  • Dynamic movements
  • Loads and reloads
  • Moving off the X
  • Instinctive shooting
  • How to use the covers

Weapons and Ammunition:

WEAPONS: GLOCK 19/17, Beretta APX

AMMUNITION : 9mm – 400 rds. / 9mmFX – 50 rds. 

Skill & Equipment Prerequisites:

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt. Bring your own safety glass & ear protection, and your own IWB or waist Glock holster (no hip holster) and mags pouch. 

VERY IMPORTANT: bring a jacket (according to the weather) for working drawing from concealed side carry or apendix.

For more info and reservations, please send an email at or direct inquires on