Combined Firearms Course – Carbine & Shotgun

With its focus on teaching individuals how to operate combined weapons systems like AR15/AKM and shotgun within a dynamic setting effectively. The Combined Firearms Course – Carbine & Shotgun is an excellent choice. Students will gain a thorough understanding of firearm handling in various scenarios through this course.

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Course Purposes:

Instructing students on effective operation of both an AR15/AKM and shotgun in a dynamic environment is the main purpose of the Carbine & Shotgun Combined Firearms Course. Fundamentals of shooting is what students will learn first before proceeding with handling malfunctions or performing TAC/SPEED reloads, or even attempting shots whilst moving. By course completion, students should be able to switch between different types of firearms and apply them effectively against various targets.

Weapons & Ammunition:

The course mandates that students bring their personal AR15/AK47 and shotgun. AR15/AK47 requires a total amounting to 250 bullets that has .223R caliber while Shotguns need around 200 shots using a shell gauge size measuring at .12G as part of their requirements in completing this training program.

Methods of Teaching:

A comprehensive knowledge about handling guns will be provided by using both theoretical and practical exercises in this course. At the shooting range is where students will attend their lectures and get practical knowledge in handling firearms.

Skill Pre-requisites:

The Combined Firearms Course – Carbine & Shotgun requires that participants provide their own tactical belts plus protective eyewear and hearing devices. Also, they need to bring their personal AR15/AK47 or shotgun having 2 mag pouches with them. It’s advisable to have handled firearms before.

Training Program:

Day 1 and Day 2 of the course are reserved for covering AR15/AKM and shotgun handling, respectively. During this program, you can attend informative lectures focused around safe practices as well as efficient gear placements required before engaging in target practice. Basic knowledge regarding positioning yourself properly during firing shots would be imparted alongside proficiency building exercises related to tactical or speedy reloading methods, even if there’s an unexpected snag. Multiple targets and shots under varying conditions is what students will gain knowledge about. The program encompasses the topic of shotgun bullet maintenance and its different types as well. The course will certify students in handling combined firearms by its conclusion.

Students who complete the Combined Firearms Course – Carbine & Shotgun will be equipped with all necessary skills needed for operating combined weapons system including AR15/AKM and shotgun proficiently. For both its theoretical and practical components of the curriculum, it is necessary for students to provide their own guns as well as bullets. Experience with firearms beforehand is suggested.