small units tacticts

Date & Duration:

25 – 28 May 2023 (4 days)

PRICE: 1800 euro

Location: Poland

Course Purpose:
The Advanced Small Unit Tactics course will train and prepare you to both participate in and lead Small Units in both urban and wooded / open terrain during tactical operations.

Weapons & Ammunition:

AMMUNITION: 9mm – 150 rds. / 5,56mm – 250 rds. / 7.62 – 250 rds.

Skill Pre-requisites:

The candidate must to possess prior experience with the Firearms or infantry experience.

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt, tactical or combat clothing and footwear (UF PRO, 5.11, Blackhawk, Helikon), ballistic plate carrier or vest with pouches for AR15/AK47 magazines, helmet or tactical hat, eye protection (shooting goggles), active ear protection, tactical gloves and knee pads. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

 Advanced Small Unit Tactics course – Training Program
  1. Advance Patrolling
    – Basic theory – Principles of Patrolling
    – Duties, Responsibilities, and Actions within a Patrol.
    – Patrols open field / urbanized terrain.
    – Tactical Patrol Movement and Procedures for Fire Teams, Squads and Detachment sized elements. 
    – 2 men to 6 men team patrolling: line, column, line, wedge formation.
    – Crossing Danger Areas.
  2. Weapons shooting drills
    – Advanced movements with different carbine platforms (AR15/AK47) – standing, kneeling, prone, moving.
    – Advance weapons manipulation in dynamic tactical situations.
    – Advance shooting from different positions and with obstacles.
    – Shooting in teams.
  3. Ambushes 
    – Understanding ambushes – basics of far and near ambushes.
    – Defensive and offensive ambushes tactics.
    – Counter ambush techniques – preventing ambushes – best patrolling formations to react to ambushes.

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